Lipoxyderm FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Lipoxyderm™ is designed to be applied twice a day regardless of workout for best results. It can also be applied prior to a workout as a workout enhancer. The times we recommend applying it are first thing in the morning after a shower, and in the mid/late afternoon.

Lipoxyderm by Fitwell Skincare is the most advanced Firming & Defining Lotion available on the market today. Clinically Tested and shown to be effective at reducing body fat. It targets loose skin, stretch marks, scars, water retention, and stubborn fat areas.

Lipoxyderm is for men and women of all levels of fitness and weight loss. Great for those who wish to improve the elasticity and condition of their skin after losing weight or having a baby, and a perfect pre-workout product for gym goers. 

Recommended to customers whose goals are to tighten loose skin, reduce stretch marks and scars, reduce the appearance of cellulite and water retention, and assist with the metabolism process of stubborn fat.

You can expect Lipoxyderm begin to work within a couple of days with an improvement in the texture of the skin. You will see a visible difference within 14 days when targeted areas will begin to look tighter and firmer, with a noticeable reduction in cellulite after 30 days of consistent twice a day use. Results improve with continued use.

Lipoxyderm® has been clinically tested and shown to be effective at reducing body fat in a study conducted at a leading university.The Lipoxyderm formula contains the highest amount of active ingredients of any firming & defining lotion available today.The odorless, non-greasy formula uses only pharmaceutical grade ingredients to ensure effectiveness and potency. Lipoxyderm is tingle/burn free and designed to be used as a skincare product with twice a day application rather than just a preworkout product.

For best results, apply Lipoxyderm twice per day. Massage into targeted area for 60-90 seconds or until absorbed. 

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